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My name’s Joanna and I love walking in cities like London. I also want to share my observations with others to encourage you to explore London on foot, get out and about and see how many inspiring and surprising things is around you. I have just celebrated my 30th birthday and apart from writing this London walking blog, I’m a wife, a mum and I do various jobs in communication,  admin and writing.

When I moved to London, nearly 5 years ago, walking was the best way to get to know the city without breaking the bank. That time I didn’t know where to start and where were the things I was looking for. Now, when I know London better I want to share my knowledge with you to help you get started and explore London in the most amazing ways.

You may be surprised but I don’t actually live in London. I wish I did, but we all know that not everybody can afford that. Also, sometimes life leads us somewhere else than we would like to but the beauty of that is that we learn a lot and usually it’s for our good.

I lived nearly three years in London and in 2015 I moved with my husband to Reading (you can also find some Reading walks on this blog). Subsequently, in 2016 we moved with our daughter to one of the oldest villages in England, to Mortimer, Berkshire. But well, you don’t have to be a doctor to write about healthcare. You can read more about me in My walking story.

On this blog you’ll find walking routes recommendations for different parts of London (for whatever reason South London is dominating a bit at the moment, but you’ll find other parts too), historic facts about places I go to, my own observations about local businesses,  architecture and more. If you can’t find something and you would be interested in reading about it, please drop me an email at hello@walkandtalkuk.com 

Feel free to explore, read, comment and if you would like access to even more walking resources – guides, maps and other extras, check out my walking resources library.


What I love the most about London is… that pretty much on every step you can find something interesting and/or surprising; creativity of people living in this city absolutely amazes me.

My favourite part of London is… West London but really every part is different and there is so much to choose from

If I could spend a day in any other city in the world, at the moment I would like to go to… Copenhagen in Denmark

My favourite walk in London is… hard to choose but I tend to say Acton to Hammersmith.


City walking and writing are my passions but I always want to remember that they come after my love for Jesus and family which are the greatest adventures.

Why Walk?

Before creating Walk & Talk I wrote another blog and also worked as a journalist. I still write on a freelance basis but in terms of blogging I wanted something a bit different. So when nearly two years ago I asked myself a question what is ONE thing that I could blog about without being paid for, ‘my walks’ was the answer.

When I lived in London I was going for a walk whenever I had bit of spare time and no other plans for the day. What started as a cheap way of travelling from point A to point B or a way to get to know the city became my passion. Not that I hadn’t walked before but living in London had definitely made my walking more purposeful, exciting and something that I want to share.

I was raised in an amazing city of Warsaw in Poland and love city life, exploring cities on foot and I recommend it to anybody. It will help you overcome fear,  feel better and get space for free thinking. You can read more about that in My walking story and in City walking guide which you can download from the resource library.

Why talk?

While walking I think a lot and if I’m strolling with a friend or my husband we usually talk quite a lot too. Sometimes we remain silent but that’s quite odd. Many walks have become a time when I had some of the most meaningful conversations with myself or others.

Inevitably, conversations have become inherent part of my urban walks, so when creating this blog I couldn’t not include it. Moreover, I absolutely love interviewing interesting people who can say something interesting about city walking, in London or elsewhere. I hope this space will become a place for interesting conversations.

Join me on this lifetime journey as well as be part of the conversation!


Writer, explorer, lover of life, creative mind

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Welcome to Walk & Talk. I’m Joanna and I love strolling in London. Here, I share with you about the best walks in different parts of the capital. Happy walking!

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