Don’t despise the small good things

We forget things quickly. Whether it’s a sunny day at the beginning of spring, long-awaited chat with a friend, kind word from a partner or good time with friends it’s amazing how easy they’re erased from our memory. On the other hand, bad days seems to be going on for ages and bitter taste they leave us with, is hard to get rid of.

Ironically, our human nature loves to concentrate on failures and bad days rather than remembering the good things.

What things do you cherish in your life? Image from

What things do you cherish in your life? Image from

When things are going well in our lives we praise God and walk around saying how good He is but as soon as something doesn’t go according to our plan or expectations, we blame Him for every little thing.

When I was prosperous, I said,

“Nothing can stop me now!”

Your favour, O Lord, made me as secure

As a mountain.

Then you turned away from me, and I was shattered.

Psalm 30:6-7 (New Living Translation)

Does it sound familiar?

As soon as the clouds cover the sun we forget how beautiful the day was just few minutes ago. Also, as soon as the clouds of everyday routine and boredom appear, we immediately forget the time we had with our friend the day before.

I’m the first one to blame. I’m on cloud nine when things go the way I want but I fall in a dip of despair as soon as they’re not. Recently, my baby was sick and I had to stay at home with her for a week. I didn’t have a chance to chat to many people throughout that week and on Friday I was completely drained, unhappy and definitely didn’t remember wonderful things I was doing only a week ago. I’ve learnt my lesson – to remember the good things for longer, because the bad don’t last forever and to stay close to God whatever the circumstances.

It takes us long time to climb up the mountain and seconds to fall down into the valley but we focus on the latter. When a little wind blows in our life we’re shaken like it was a thunder storm. Good memories are quickly forgotten though they’re our anchor in the time of need – something to hold on to.

What brings you peace when the times get hard? Image from

What brings you peace when the times get hard? Image from

Memories of good times fade away quickly, because we don’t cherish them. After one good thing we quickly pursuit another one. Keeping good memories alive helps to be more thankful and positive.

It’s true that if there aren’t many good moments in our life the memories become blurry and it’s hard to hold on to them. But it’s worthy, even if you were to hold on only to one memory.

Today, concentrate on good things in your life, even if it’s a lovely meal you had a week ago remember it for long.

What are good things in your life? What do you hold on to when the times get hard? Have you got an overcomer story to tell? Share your thoughts in comments.

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  1. I love this Sentence: As soon as the clouds cover the sun we forget how beautiful the day was just few minutes ago.
    It totally gave me a wake up call. I’m bi-polar you see so I have those Epic bad days & beyond epic good days, never in between. That sentence just reminded me how quickly I forget just what is good about life. Thank you.

    Each day in the mornings, I have affirmation cards & a gratitude list. It helps me keep focused on my goals & confidence while the gratitude list helps me stay grounded.

    My Parents…they are all that holds me from destroying myself sometimes.

    Last year November I literally lost everything. Money, friends, even some family, all of it….poof. All I had was my parents, the harbored me in my despair. Then in December my cat Loki passed away. It ruined me, I felt totally responsible but I suppose it was the other stuff that built up adding to the hurt and self torment.
    I spent most of December & January in loneliness. I felt like a complete failure & worst of all I felt unworthy of the love my parents showered me with.
    It was only at the end of January that I really did anything. Don’t ask me what changed, I wish I knew. I just ended up going to work. It all started with wanting to get this long-withstanding scene in my head, out on paper. Haha that scene ended up become chapter 21 in my novel. I know right?! Where did those other 20 chapters come from. So I finished my first ever novel in 14 days and thus, rekindled was my passion for writing. The Cured: Rebirth now stands at 84k words with series potential. After that, I edited, which was an even bigger and longer mission than I ever thought possible. Once ready I sent it out to agents. Waiting for an agent is like waiting for it to rain on a sunny day… So in the interim I started my blog. But barely paid attention to it until some in April when my sister gave me a game plan. I began posting and for 16 days of April my blog has reached +4000 pageviews. One of my posts has been featured in the French Online Press! & I was interviewed by a blog about bloggers. I really am amazed by the feedback & I’m humbled by the whole experience. It’s been one hell of a journey & the daily battle with my bi-polar disorder is, in a word, “Mental” but I have my big sister & she always sets me straight. So I know, with my goals in mind & with my spirit of willpower….the possibilities are endless. Action inspires inspiration, inspiration does not inspire action.

    This is why I co-wrote this post:

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to express & share my story.
    You have an amazing blog. Mad respect to you.
    We should collab on a post, what do you feel?
    I would be so honored to work with such a down-to-earth & motivated blogger like yourself.

    • says:

      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story. It is very inspiring and I’m glad you’ve got your passion. Sure, we can work on something together – drop me an email with details. Have a lovely day. J.

  2. Great reminder to focus on the good. There is so much good around us that we must just open our eyes. Find the good in every day. My life verse is Jeremiah 29:11.

    • says:

      I like Jeremiah 29:11 too and know that for many people it’s their favourite verse. We need to stand on the promises of God to keep going.

  3. Berlin says:

    Happy thoughts. When I feel bad and gloomy, I think of happy thoughts. And what are those happy thoughts? My boys and I are playing swing in the playground. Or my boys and I are swimming with the bright moon and stars above. Or we are just singing over smores and hotdogs. Happy thoughts and everything else will fall well into places.

  4. momknowsbest15 says:

    When times get hard I find peace with time spent with friend and family.

  5. I need to work hard on giving time to focus on small things. sometimes my time wont allow me to do so. A working Mom of two teenage kids can be a handful.

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s not healthy to dwell on ill feelings and everything bad that has happened during your day. That makes you think negatively and you just become a toxic person that no one wants around. Whenever something bad happens during the day, I always take a break and think about every good thing that has happened instead. I really don’t like negativity.

  7. tp keane says:

    The best things in my life are my husband, and my two wonderful children. Without them I don’t think I’d be here.

  8. Thank you for the reminder. I have been neglecting a lot of what I need to do as a Christian so reading this is my sign to get up and do better! Thanks!

  9. If only we could all focus on small good things, we will appreciate life more 🙂

  10. Kathy says:

    Great post! I try to find time with my loved ones. Keep all the happy thoughts when I’m around them. 🙂

  11. This is a great optimistic read to start anyone’s day. As for me, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going so long as everything I do is for my loved ones.

  12. Wonderful post! We all need to be reminded of such things – especially when we feel like complaining. I think THOSE times are the most important in which to remember how blessed we really are.

  13. Amy Jones says:

    Indeed we must enjoy life, in every chance we get.

  14. Colette S says:

    This is absolutely true.

    We really need to live in awareness.

    I try hard to do this and also teach my children.

    I remind them how important it is to give God thanks for everything and to learn from each experience.

  15. Nicole Escat says:

    “Ironically, our human nature loves to concentrate on failures and bad days rather than remembering the good things.”

    This one is real. People are usually stocked on things they failed to do and I know this very well. But always remember, in all problem there is a solution, if you fall you know how to stand, so whatever happens, bad – credit it to experience and good- make another one and make it better up to best!

  16. Melese says:

    As usual, it is a wonderful piece and enjoyed reading it. These words are just one of those I count to remember. Full of wisdom!

  17. hautebeautyguide says:

    Great reminder to focus on all the moments. It is so easy to pass over the little things or just focus in on the negative. Most times all the little things add up to so much more than we see.

  18. Sherry says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is touching.

  19. Lisa Rios says:

    Such a wonderful read. I very much agree that memories of good times fade away quickly as we don’t value them much like we do with the sad times. I always look at the positive side of an even & keep going ahead. Thanks for inspiring.

    • says:

      You welcome. I wrote it as much for others to be inspired as for myself too. We quickly forget important lessons too 🙂

  20. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story.

  21. tiffanyhathorn says:

    A a single mom and a freelancer, I have had quite a few tough situations. In tough times, it is easy to become anxious, stressed, and/or depressed. And I can’t say that I’ve never felt those things. However, I always choose to focus on the good things. I’m a single mom, but my son has everything that he needs and loves me. Sometimes my freelance business gets really slow, but I always somehow manage to make things work. My house is cluttered, but at least I have a home filled with things – some people don’t have a home or any personal belongings. Sometimes situations just require a change of perspective. And you should always count your blessings.

    • says:

      Thank you for telling a little bit of your story. You’re very right in the things you’ve said. Thanks for sharing.

    • says:

      Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story. I agree with what you wrote – change of perspective means a lot. If we concentrate on the bad things it makes it even harder to find the positives.

  22. Aurora says:

    I’m glad you wrote a blog post about this. I used to be the same way. Although, I did not try to blame God for all the misfortune that happened to me. I did question if God was really there one time in my life. A couple of months later, I felt really bad.

    I guess it was that time in my life where I did not believe in God. Now, I’m doing everything I can to redeem myself. I know that I could do more but I’m still asking God to want to do more.

  23. great post! a reminder that we should cherish and appreciate every little thing, a simple dinner and conversation with people is a must for me too! and will always cherish

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