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I’m glad you’re having a look at this page and you would like to get more out of this blog and walking in London. That’s why I have prepared for you London walking maps, e-books, lists and more. Here are some examples:


3 most inspiring London walks – my very first e-book written for those who like reading a bit more. It contains some of my favourite walks – Chiswick, Hampstead and Clerkenwell

‘London 35’ – my newest publication that gathers all kinds of different places to visit and see in London. Each of them is a great excuse for a fascinating walk. I’ll be adding more suggestions to it as I explore the city and want to share things with you.

London graphic – one of my pictures with an inspirational writing to keep you enthused about city walking. Hang it on a wall or put on your desk.

Maps for Vauxhall and South Kensington walks, showing you where exactly are the things I wrote about in the posts; they printable, so you can print them in colour or B&W and take with you on a walk.

Lists of places to visit in Brixton and South London; also printable and you can take them with you.

You can get access to these and other resources by signing up to Walk & Talk mailing list below. It’s not a trick to get your email address and then spam you with a lot of unnecessary emails. It’s a way to grow the blog, make sure I’m connected to you and I can make this blog as useful to you as possible.



I spend a lot of time writing this blog and preparing maps, guidebooks, list and other useful things, so I want to make sure that those who download them are serious about the development and growth of this blog. I welcome each and every reader to the blog and you are more than welcome to read one post and stop at that point, but if you’re a regular visitor and want to get the most out of it, it’s great if you subscribe.


London walking maps



If you have any suggestion about materials that could be added to the library, please email me (Joanna) at

Welcome to Walk & Talk. I’m Joanna and I love strolling in London. Here, I share with you about the best walks in different parts of the capital. Happy walking!

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