Morning walk benefits and where you can go for yours

Morning walk benefits are countless. It’s perfect physical and mental exercise for the beginning of the day. You do it once and you’ll want more. Here are some ideas how to incorporate it into your morning routine, if you live in London or another big city or town.

I can’t say enough about the morning walk benefits. For me, it’s a time to relax, look at my life with a fresh perspective and get my energy for the day. It’s also often time to pray and to be on my own with God. It improves my metabolism and helps me to start the day right and to continue throughout with a positive approach . As many times as I went for a morning walk it was positive experience, which made my day sooooo much better.

I went for one of my morning walks the other day and I felt all of its benefits again. I want to share with you why it’s so good to start the day in that way and where you can go for your morning walk.

Read on to find out where in London you can enjoy all of its benefits.

morning walk benefits

Get to know your neighbourhood

The easiest way to motivate yourself to get out of the house earlier than usual is to go somewhere near the place, where you live. If you decide to only explore the area nearest to your home, you’ll be more motivated to do it, if morning getting up isn’t particularly your thing. It’s just so simple. You can even go out without breakfast, because you can go back home anytime.

You can either go and see parts of your neighbourhood that you haven’t yet visited, or find a nearby park. Walk around the park. Grab a book. Or just sit on a bench and observe those going to work early.

Morning walk benefits

West Acton Underground station

A few years ago, when I took annual leave I didn’t go anywhere outside of London for my holiday. Instead, every morning I was taking my Bible and going to the playing fields right next to my home. I felt the effect of those morning throughout the rest of the days. Moreover, experiencing the Bible in such environment, in peace and without rushing, was an exceptional thing.

I observed the neighbourhood waking up to the summer sunshine and loved looking at kids enjoying their school holidays and others rushing to work.

Here are some short walks you can do in the morning, if you live in one of those areas. If you don’t but you work there, you can also use them as an excuse for a lunchtime walk. In any other case they’ll inspire you to explore what’s near to your home.

West Acton to Ealing Broadway

4 Fascinating buildings telling the story of Vauxhall

Courtenay Street – hidden gem of South London


Walk to work

Yes, it’ll mean leaving your home earlier than usual but trust me it’s so worth it.

Once, a friend of mine told me that before she starts her work, she tries to do something she likes, in order to feel that her whole day isn’t just about work. I’ve tried it and it works. And a morning walk fit in that pattern perfectly.

Morning walk benefits

Walking through the Millennium Bridge. Photo: Clare Wadd

You can walk the whole route to work or just part of it. It can be the beginning or the end. You can also do different parts on different days, so after a week or two you’ve walked the whole route. Or choose to walk as long as possible on your way from work, where you’re not in rush. The options are endless.

If you travel on pay as you go Oyster card, it’s good idea to travel to the border of zones 1 and 2 and walk the rest of your journey in zone 1, to pay less. That’s what I used to do when I was travelling on Central Line to central London from West London. I used to get off at Holland Park or Notting Hill Gate and then walk the rest of my journey to my destination, which often was Battersea or South Kensington.

If you would like an example of a long walk to work, read this guest post written by Clare Wadd, chair of Inner London Ramblers, about her walk to work and all of its benefits.

If you work near Vauxhall or Waterloo, you’ll love this walk. If you work in Bloomsbury or nearby, it’s a perfect area to explore – check out the walk that I’ve done there.

Find a local café

Some local coffee shops open very early giving you not only a chance to get your portion of caffeine, but to also observe passers-by rushing to work or other places. You can sit by the window and just look at those who don’t have that luxury of sipping good cup of coffee in the morning.

Morning walk benefits

Entrance to Tap Coffee on Tottenham Court Road

Once you finish that, you can explore the neighbourhood and again see it waking up to life.

Go to usually busy areas

I love seeing town centres, or other areas which are very busy during the day, in the morning. They look so much different.

Without the crowds I notice things that I wouldn’t see otherwise. It gives me a chance to feel that I’m at the place before anybody else and can admire its beauty in its own way. It always feel special.

Morning walk benefits

Oxford Circus tube station – busy at any time of the day

Morning walk in places like Oxford Street or the City of London also gives you a chance to meet people whom you wouldn’t get to know otherwise – street cleaners or drivers on a delivery. Without realising you may get into very interesting morning conversation.

Simply try to go to the City of London on a weekend or visit the area near Oxford Circus on any morning.


Do you like morning walks? Where do you like to go in the morning? Share your choices in the comments?

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