6 Things to warm you up on an autumn walk

The most comfortable insteps ever, some yummy snacks and other things to make your autumn city walks even better.

Autumn is a bit tricky when it comes to walking. The days are getting shorter and colder and we’re drawn to stay indoors. But… we also like autumn walks. Leaves, crispy air and a hot chocolate at the end of the route. In my opinion, to enjoy such a walk, you need to wrap up warm, plan well and do shorter routes, but it’s definitely still worth exploring the city at this time of the year. Below you’ll find my recommendations for the things that may  make your autumn city walking better. On this list you’ll find the most comfortable insteps I’ve ever tried, some yummy snacks and more.

From the products I mention below I was lucky enough to receive for free the SOLE insteps and the snacks. Thank you to those who made it possible. All opinions are mine.

Comfy shoes & the most comfortable insteps

As I said before the most important thing for me on a walk is a pair of comfortable shoes. However, I have very big problem finding one, especially for this time of year. Last winter I spent a lot of time looking for a perfect pair and I didn’t find it. But, I finally did this year. To my surprise I got them from Tu at Sainsbury’s. It’s a pair of leather shoes, which is warm, comfortable and stylish. And that’s all I need.

Their regular price is £40, but I got them for £30 over one of their 25% off weekends.

However, I did have a problem choosing the size when I was buying them. 7 was too big and 6 was ‘just’ right, and that’s the size I went for. But if I wear them for too long they can feel a bit tight. If I went for 7 I would need to use insteps, and that creates another problem… I know, I know. However, I have a solution for that problem now.

I always have problem with the sizes of the shoes in the UK. 7 is usually too big and 6 is just right or a bit too small. Over the summer I bought a pair of shoes that turned out too big. But since I’ve started using them with insteps from Sole they’ve been my go to. The shoes have very thin bottom, so until I put the soles in they were uncomfortable for longer walks. After I’ve got the soles in, I could really walk in them for hours. They’re right when they call them footbeds, not just insteps. I’ve always had problem finding comfortable and long lasting insteps, but next time I need one again this will be my choice. Footbeds from Sole adapt to your feet, are extremely comfortable and change your experience of walking.

Moreover, Sole is a company with a great story. They’ were founded in Vancouver, Canada, and are on the mission to make their customers’ lives more comfortable in a sustainable way. They’re used by professional basketball and football players, world-class cyclists and mountaineers, endurance runners and championship skiers.

Jacket like no other

Another important thing for me on an autumn walk is a waterproof, warm and comfortable jacket. I have my two choices, depending on the temperature outside. For warmer days I wear a jacket that has been with me for at least 8 years. I bought it at H & M and has been wearing it every year without a fault. And you know what, it still hasn’t worn out. Along a few other pieces of clothing in my wardrobe this is one of my best fashion investments ever.

I like its line, the fact that it’s fitting, it’s so easy to clean and goes with variety of clothes.

My choice for colder weather is my Jack Wolfskin. Even when it gets really cold outside, I can wear only a t-shirt underneath and I still feel warm! It’s also light and stylish.

Something to munch on

Once I’ve got all these things, the last thing I think of taking with me on a walk is a good snack.

Recently, I’ve tried another Ombar raw chocolate treat, Karma Bites lotus seeds and Nairn’s biscuits with oats, blueberry and raspberry (all pictured below). Ombar treat is great when you need something chocolate-y, but want to opt for a lighter version. Nairn’s biscuits come in packs of three and are great company to a cup of tea or coffee. And Karma bites are perfect for afternoon snacking. They definitely top my list. Karma bites are a bit unusual but satisfy your sweet afternoon cravings while being healthy, so what’s there not to like? They were all delicious and will definitely go with me on many more walks.

At the end of a walk I want to go somewhere to warm up. At this time of the year I would say, go to Fernandez & Wells for their amazing hot chocolate.


Can you recommend products you take with you on a walk when it gets colder? Share them in the comments below. Or let us know which thing you would like to take with you on a walk: most comfortable insteps, leather boots, Karma Bites, one of the jackets or Nairn’s biscuits?

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