The perfect jacket & two other things for your 2018 walks (sponsored)

Looking for things to accompany you on your city walks in 2018 and beyond? Want to try some new things? Check out the perfect jacket from Mia Melon, yummy snacks from Pure Bite and I Sea Bacon. They’ll brighten up your walks. 

When going for a walk in autumn and winter months the most important things to me are: warm and waterproof jacket, comfortable shoes, healthy snacks, good bag and a nice drink in a handy travel mug. As you know from previous posts I’ve got the shoes, the bag and a travel mug, but the jacket had been something I was still looking for until I came across Mia Melon.

And the snacks I’m recommending below? Well, there’s never enough of these. If you’re walking a lot, you want to have a variety to choose from. On top of what I’ve recommended before, here are two more that I’ve been enjoying lately, and I’m sure you’ll too. 

This post is about three things you’ll love having on your walks in 2018. I’ve received the products for free from the mentioned brands but the opinions are mine and if I wasn’t genuinely happy with any of the product, I wouldn’t even mention them to you. 

The perfect jacket 

Everglades Rain Style Jacket from Mia Melon is the perfect jacket for me.

Perfect jacket

Me in my Mia Melon jacket

Why? First of all, it’s waterproof. I took it on one of my walks between Christmas and New Year’s and got caught up in the rain. It was pouring down. The rain drops settled nicely on the outside of the jacket but inside I was all dry, warm and comfortable. When winter and autumn months get damp, that’s exactly what you need.

perfect jacket

Rain drops on the outside of the jacket. I stayed warm and dry inside.

This jacket also protects you from the wind and cold. In the recent temperatures (between 1 and 5 C degrees) we’ve got, all I’ve been wearing underneath was a t-shirt and a light cardigan. When I put a leathery blazer I was way too warm. 

There’re many waterproof and windproof jackets on the market, you may see. I agree but none of those I’ve seen is as stylish and fitting as Mia Melon’s. As soon as I received it, it became my favourite piece of wardrobe and, with only a few exceptions, I’ve been wearing it all the time since just before Christmas. It looks great with jeans but also with dresses and skirts. 

perfect jacket perfect jacket

I recommended to you other jackets that I own in the previous post about walking gear but as much I like them, this Mia Melon jacket is the perfect jacket and the best thing for city walking I’ve ever came across. Feeling comfortable and looking good makes you enjoy your walks more, somehow.  

From Canada with love

Mia Melon is Canadian company and they are on a mission to create products that are stylish but most of all weatherproof. The technology they use in their products has been invented by them. In the spring collection they’ll be introducing waterproof denim tote bags, bags and backpacks – just to add to the city walkers’ heaven.

At the moment, some of the jackets are on sale, and the prices start at £49 for a rain shell and go up to nearly £200 for a waterproof wool coat. Looking at the quality of my rain jacket I’m sure I’ll be wearing it for years, so any money spent on Mia Melon’s products is more of an investment than just spending money.

You can also trust the sizes on Mia Melon website. I rarely buy things online without trying but this time I measured myself, picked up the size from the guide on the website and received a perfect one. Moreover, the parcel arrived to the UK from Canada within a week! With this perfect jacket you’ll be enjoying your walks even more and no weather will put you off.

Yummy snacks for winter months

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, by now you’ve probably realised how much I like snacking. Not only when I walk through the streets of London but even when I’m at home or working. I love trying new flavours or brands, because you never know when the hunger will strike and it’s great to have options to choose from.

So yes, I welcomed the delivery of Pure Bites with joy and excitement. As soon as I opened the box I tried the first packet of coconut clusters. I tried the other ones in next few days but coconut ones remained my favourite. 

They come in 5 flavours and varieties:

– hot & spicy nut clusters

– almond nut clusters (this flavour won Great Taste Award in 2017)

– coconut and strawberry clusters

– strawberry and goji berry rice clusters

– blueberry & cranberry rice clusters

They’re somewhat surprising but amazing tasty flavours. Even though I’m not particularly a fan of fruity flavours in this kind of snacks, the rice cluster with goji berries were really good. I was putting away trying the spicy ones thinking that it won’t be what I like but after the first bite I was like ‘That’s good. I want more!’

The snacks are gluten free, vegan, high in fibre etc., so you can freely share them with any friend who join you on a walk. Size of a bag is good – what’s inside will fill you up and keep going until your next full meal.

Each packet is £1.49

Is this really bacon?

If you fancy trying out something different, have a look at this product. It really does taste like bacon but isn’t bacon and is much healthier. I Sea Bacon  from Seamore Food is made of saweeds that taste like bacon and have a nice crunch. Seaweed is healthy for you – high in iron and full of Omega 3 but low in carbs and calories, and for the planet. Seaweed is considered the most sustainable food on the planet. It requires just sunshine. No fresh water, land, fertilizer nor pesticides.


Pack of I Sea Bacon


When I received email about this product I was intrigued. When I received it in post I was scared to try it. When I tried it, I really liked it. Don’t dismiss it if you’re fan of real bacon, because it tastes great. I first looked at it a bit suspiciously but when I tried it I wanted more. Since then I’ve added it to sandwiches and wraps. It’ll be also great in salads. So you can have it for your pre-walk breakfast or pack into your lunch and take with you on a walk. 

It comes in a 75g pack which contains suggested 10 servings but I think it can last even longer. One pack costs just over £6 and you can buy it from Seamore food website.


Have you found any product particularly helpful when going for a city walk? Something you will not want to walk the streets of the cities in 2018? Share your picks in the comments below. 

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