5 places near Ealing Broadway to get you more excited about the area

Hotel 55 is perfectly placed for a wide variety of travellers – on the cusp of London’s bustling metropolis, while being on the route to an international travel hub in Heathrow Airport. Unsurprisingly, the area is not short of leisure activities for guests who find some time on their hands. Here is our pick of five things to do within close proximity of Hotel 55.

I really do enjoy Ealing. I lived there for nearly two years and I can tell you it’s one of the greatest areas in London for urban walking. It’s leafy and peaceful yet full of nice touches and unique things to do and places to see. It has lots of independent shops, markets and coffee shops around. I’m so glad that I can welcome Constantin Singureanu from Hotel 55 in North Ealing on the blog and his today’s guest post. Below he shares some of his favourite places to see near this West London hotel.

West London hotel

Outside Hotel 55 in North Ealing

West London Hotel

Breakfast at Hotel 55

Guest post by Constantin Singureanu

Walpole Park 

Especially in months offering a kinder climate, Walpole Park is a great excuse to embrace the great outdoors, with its beautiful rose garden, ponds and bridges making it a prime candidate for a walk or picnic. The landscaping features actually date back to the 1800s, and in the summer months the distinctive space is often filled with the sounds of comedy or jazz when a number of festivals take place. At the entrance to the park lies the Grade One listed Pitzhanger Manor House, which houses some interesting free art exhibitions which will keep you entertained during the colder climes.

Questors Theatre 

Outside the Questors Theatre. Credit: The Questors Theatre

Why travel into London’s West End when you can experience some wonderful productions at Ealing’s own Questors Theatre? Recognised as Europe’s biggest amateur playhouse, Questors has a 350 seat capacity and typically hosts a range of short running productions from musicals and comedies to more thought provoking presentations. For a pre-drink or a sneaky interval refreshment, you can drop into the on site Grapevine Bar, which was named the West Middlesex Club of the Year by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). 

Inside the Questors Theatre. Credit: The Questors Theatre

London Motorcycle Museum 

If you feel the need for speed, look no further than the London Motorcycle Museum, where you can find no less than 150 classic bikes, including the last Triumph Bonneville T140. If you aren’t an ardent collector, that may not mean a lot to you, but there is still a certain charm and intrigue in the impressive range of two wheelers, which represent bygone eras in their own charming way. There is even one vehicle dating back over a century – a 1902 Ormonde. 

Photo from pexels.com

Grand Union Canal 

You aren’t far from the Grand Union Canal, which makes for a lovely walking spot. Impressive examples of engineering by Kingdom Brunel lie along the way, in the form of complex locks, while you will be able to spot local landmarks like the Victorian St. Bernard’s hospital. The canal stretches all the way up to Birmingham along a 137 mile route. It also hosts an ‘ultra marathon’ which sees competitors race along it in a remarkable test of endurance.

Hanwell Flight on Grand Union Canal. Credit: Canal and Rivers Trust

Kew Gardens 

For those with itchy feet, Kew Gardens is a few minutes further out than Walpole Park, but the array of wonderful flora on display makes it worthwhile. There are over 30,000 different varieties of plants to marvel at. Also, four Grade One listed buildings also lie on the site. It dates back to 1759, and is a UNESCO World Heritage attraction. Take a free tour of the site guided by one of Kew Gardens’ volunteers, and a treetop walkway offers a stunning vista over the area.

Kew Gardens: Palm House parterre. Credt RBG Kew

So there you have it, five things in Hotel 55’s surrounding area – the chance to discover a fabulous corner of London away from the streams of tourists which often occupy Zone 1!


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